A Rich History of Exceptional Dental Care

Dr. Phil Gentling first opened this dental office's doors in the 1940's, establishing a foundation of outstanding professional skill and customer service that has continued to flourish to this day. We look forward to many more years of caring for patients and families!

Our Friendly Dental Team

Treats Everyone Like Family

Ongoing oral healthcare shouldn't have to be an overly cold and impersonal experience. Here in Rochester, MN, our staff members work very hard to help each patient feel warmly welcomed and right at home, listening to concerns and answering questions whenever needed. Getting to know you well over time is the best part of our jobs! By the time you're ready to leave, we sincerely hope that you have plenty of new reasons to smile brightly.

A Truly Comprehensive Dental Exam

That Considers the Whole You

While your teeth may take center stage, a patient's oral health consists of several moving parts that can affect not only your oral health, but your day-to-day quality of life as well. At Gentling Dental Care, we take the time to look at the entire system and fix problems at their source.

A Qualified Team of Dentists

Dedicated to Your Smile

At Gentling Dental Care, we strongly believe that four heads are better than one - that's why our dental office features a team of knowledgeable doctors who all bring unique strengths and skills to the table! At the same time, they share a similar passion for trustworthy, family-friendly dentistry that always adheres to very high clinical standards. To put it simply, they never perform care that they wouldn't recommend to their very own loved ones.

High-Quality Dentistry
Every Dental Need Covered

Balancing dental care with a busy family's various needs may feel like a juggling act at times - Thankfully, Gentling Dental Care can help everyone breathe a little easier by offering a comprehensive variety of services right here in one convenient location. From essentials like checkups and cleanings to more specialized services like custom restorations for missing teeth or sleep apnea therapy, your smile will have all the dedicated support it needs right here with our dentists.

Committed to Continuous Improvement